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About us

The most loved special interest media in the Nordics

Health, science, fashion, design, interiors and cars. All of this and so much more fills our brands, hearts and offices.

Because we make space for interests. Just as we believe our customers deserve to do.


From publishing house to media organisation

It all started with Palle Fogtdal Publishing in 1959.

Now we are Bonnier Publications and have a full house, as the home of the most loved special interest media in the Nordics.


Meet our leaders

Directors, editors-in-chief and all the rest of us; we all have the same ambition:

Media that match our customers’ interests.

  • Jesper Buchvald
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Elisabeth Halmø
  • Chief Content Officer

…and we are many more, working together to achieve our ambition


A leading media organisation in the Nordics

When it comes to running a healthy business based on special interest media, we are among the best in the Nordics.


days a year: we publish every single day


media brands in our portfolio


Northern European markets


people working at Bonnier Publications in 2023

654 M

DKK: our turnover in 2022

46 M

DKK: our profit in 2022