National Geographic

A window to the world

National Geographic’s yellow frame is a window to the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Through remarkable reports and photos, the reader is invited on a journey around the world which includes close encounters with people, nature, history’s mysteries, exciting discoveries, current global challenges and the latest research. NG’s writers and photographers rank among the best in the world.

The magazine inspiring people to care about our planet

The magazine is produced by the non-profit organization National Geographic Society, which supports science, education, nature conservation, discoveries and numerous expeditions taking new knowledge directly from the source and bringing it into our lives. Since 1888 the organization has supported over 10,000 projects, some of these through regional grant funds such as the Global Exploration Fund for Northern Europe, which is based in Sweden. Worldwide, the magazine is published in 38 different languages and has 50 million readers. Bonnier Publications has been the licensed publisher of the magazine in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish since the year 2000.

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