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Makes women’s healthy lifestyle goals come true

A healthy and active everyday life where you feel on top of your game and full of energy is a privilege that many women are willing to fight for. But it requires both knowledge and the right tools to become the healthiest, strongest and happiest version of yourself – and I FORM delivers that exact package to perfection. This is why I FORM has been the biggest media brand for women’s health in the Nordic countries since 1987.

Fitness, diet, health and motivation are the four pillars in I FORM’s universe, in both print and digital format. The magazine boosts the reader’s motivation to get started and keep going – with effective training programs, meal plans, motivational methods and mouth-watering recipes. In just a few clicks, she also gains access to a wide range of tools in I FORM’s extensive digital universe, which make it more fun and easier than ever to reach the healthy goals she is dreaming of. Regardless of whether she dreams of a strong and toned body, a long and happy life or a healthier balance between work and family life.

The I Form woman is typically curious, ambitious and busy. She wants to understand what is happening in her body down to the smallest detail – when she has a healthy lifestyle AND when she does not. She expects trustworthy guidance and help for making the right decisions in the jungle that is health and fitness, and she wants to regulate training, health and mental wellbeing simultaneously to get the best results. She is capable of doing this if she puts her mind to it, thanks to I FORM’s extensive network of experts. They will keep her updated on the latest knowledge about all the aspects of health which are important to her – and make it useable in her everyday life.

The biggest media brand for women’s health in the Nordic countries since 1987

Editor in Chief - I Form Sara Møller Christensen
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