Get up close to history’s biggest dramas

Historie is a ‘popular history’ magazine for curious readers of all ages. The magazine addresses all of world history and covers a wide range of topics – from intense war dramas and explorers to triumphs in technology and the masterpieces of world art. The well-told and immersive articles are written and edited by leading historians and specialized journalists.

We want to revive history – in all its horror and glory

The core idea behind Historie is to revive the past, put the present into perspective and give the reader more knowledge on why the world is as it is today. The articles need to be enlightening and entertaining at the same time, and the editorial staff go to considerable lengths to find unique images and make inaccessible topics understandable via detailed maps and comprehensive graphics.

Published in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Editor in Chief - Historie and Illustreret Videnskab Sebastian Relster
+45 3917 2280
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