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100 popular history and science publications

The second world war’s greatest dramas recounted in captivating language and beautiful pictures.  Science’s most important breakthroughs in medicine, energy and astrophysics.  The formulas for a healthy intestine, a burglar-proof home and a boost to your everyday energy level.

Our book & bookazine publications cover all subjects, but are mostly related to history and science, for example A World at War, Historical Highlights and The New World of Science.

The department publishes approximately 100 bookazines every year in 6 countries.  The majority of bookazine publications are centred on specific themes such as Combat Vehicles, Vegan Lifestyle, The Universe’s Oldest Mysteries, Energy of the Future, The Crusades, and Murder and Mysteries.

Others are special magazines on, for example, Minecraft, Mindfulness og The Second World War.

Every year the department publishes ”Historie” and ”Illustreret Videnskab” Yearbooks.  The “Historie” Yearbook is based on a range of newsworthy events from the year, drawing parallels with historical dramas.  The ”Illustreret Videnskabs” Yearbook presents the year’s greatest scientific breakthroughs within the areas of medicine, technology, space travel and natural phenomena.

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