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Makes it fun to get in peak shape

Aktiv Træning inspires, assists and advises men from the age of 25 and up to get into better shape and ensures that they make the most of their time spent on exercise and fitness, regardless of whether they are running, weight training, cycling, swimming or doing something completely different. The attitude at the editorial office of Aktiv Træning is that exercise and a healthy lifestyle must be powered by desire and pleasure. This ensures positive experiences, provides you with renewed energy in your everyday life and helps you maintain healthy habits! This is why the comprehensive monthly magazine as well as our extensive website, aktivtræning.dk, is full of inspiration, enthusiastic guides, manageable programs, useful tips and advice and instructive exercises – all of which are ready to use. At aktivtræning.dk you will also find a range of simple and effective exercise videos.

Furthermore, Aktiv Træning tests all the latest equipment – so you can avoid buying the wrong thing – and gives good advice on diet and health, and on how to prevent injuries and illnesses. We create everything in collaboration with the country’s leading experts on fitness, health, training and nutrition.

We believe that you should enjoy living a healthy and active life

You can also immerse yourself in interesting portraits and interviews with both well-known and unknown individuals, who care deeply about health and fitness and have the ability to inspire others with an appetite for an active life. In the same way, you will always find well-written and entertaining articles, which put current trends and tendencies into perspective – or report on unique experiences, great accomplishments and inspiring active travels.

Editor in Chief - Aktiv Træning Niels Christian Thalund
+45 3917 2018
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