About us

About us

Bonnier Publications focuses on special interest media. Our high-quality content enables our customers to get more out of their hobbies/interests. Our background is in magazines, but we also have a large digital business. We operate in all the Nordic countries and our well-known brands include Illustreret Videnskab, Historie and I Form.

Illustreret Videnskab’s international success

Bonnier Publications’ headquarters are on Strandboulevarden, Copenhagen. We are a media company with business activities including printed and digital magazines, book series, apps, websites and various digital services. Our income comes from advertising sales, non-subscriber sales and, in particular, subscription sales.

Our specialism is cross border publishing, which means that we produce most of our texts in Danish, and then we translate and adapt the material so that it can be published in several languages.

This site primarily presents the Bonnier Publications Group and the activities of the Bonnier Publications Company, but there is also information about and links to other parts of the group. Ad sales for cross border titles are handled in Denmark by Benjamin Media in collaboration with Liwa Media.

We have more than 40 brands, which are published in up to 6 countries. For example, Illustreret Videnskab, which was first published in 1984, and which was the first ever magazine to be simultaneously launched in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Later Finland and Holland were also added. Illustreret Videnskab is also published on licence in other places such as Australia and Thailand, meaning that the magazine today is a world-wide brand with more than two million readers.

Read about history, war, exercise, fashion and much more.

Our brands provide high quality information and entertainment, and cover many special interests such as history, health and fitness, photography, DIY, food, fashion and science. We prioritise credibility and usefulness of the information we publish.

Our most well-known brands include Illustreret Videnskab HISTORIE, National Geographic, I Form, Aktiv Træning, Digital Foto, Komputer for alle and Gør Det Selv.

Our core products are printed and digital magazines, but we have had great success with many very varied products, for example book series, trips for readers and apps. We have produced, for example, Historiens Højdepunkter book series, En Verden i Krig, Danmarks store Gør Det Selv Leksikon and Dit Hus.

From Bo Bedre to Benjamin: Our history

The company was founded by Palle Fogtdal in 1959 and had its first breakthrough in 1961 with the interior design magazine, Bo Bedre. In 1983 the publishing house was acquired by Bonnier, a Swedish family business.  Bonnier Publications is therefore part of Bonnier Group, which includes book publishing, newspapers and TV stations, and has activities in approximately 20 countries.

Since 2000, Bonnier Publications has launched several new magazines and book series including Illustreret Videnskab Historie in 2005 and the Videnskabens Univers book series in 2008. In addition, we have acquired idényt, as well as the Swedish house owners’ magazine, Vi i Villa. In 2009 the Benjamin Media publishing house became part of Bonnier Publications and with this we acquired new brands like Woman, Costume and Bil Magasinet.

Bonnier Publications continues to be a subscription-based company but, whereas we previously offered our customers subscriptions to one or several printed magazines, today we can offer a whole range of products customised to individual needs. For example, in 2015 we launched our WYPE service to give subscribers digital access to magazines online, on smart phones and on tablets.

Attractive propositions for advertisers

In the digital area, we put advertisers in contact with the market’s most powerful segments and target groups. Thanks to our high-quality content, and customized digital services we can connect users and advertisers precisely where interest and attention levels are highest.

We accomplish this using tailormade communication solutions, data-based advertising and highly qualified leads, i.e. contact information of potentially interested customers. We also work with affiliate sales, which function by providing a link between the products we mention and the web shops which stock them. With our specialisms within digital business and technologies, we are at the forefront in providing the solutions demanded by the market.

This website primarily features general group information and information about the Danish publications produced at the headquarters in Copenhagen.

Bonnier Publications is behind an exciting portfolio of media brands. Each of our brands represents passion and values that are shared by consumers in many countries and it is the basis for the close relationship that is cultivated through the various media.